Do you remember the feeling of driving off the lot for the first time in your new car? All the emotions of transitioning from a teenager to a young adult with the responsibilities to back it. The excitement of freedom and independence while also being nervous about driving and navigating the world alone. Staci, one of AKP’s aged out teens recently experienced all the feels when she purchased her first new car.

Staci has worked really hard over the past few years working various jobs to save for this moment. After graduating she received the Tracy Sheehan Bright Beginnings Award and added it to her growing savings. She also took advantage of A Kid’s Place matching funds and was finally able to drive off the lot in her new car with Brad Gregory, our CEO and Samantha Mellen, Development Director as her first passengers.

“It was exciting to get a new car even though car shopping was stressful but I found a car I fell in love with. The first time driving by myself was a little stressful, but I have gotten used to it now. It’s way different in the driver seat then being in the passenger seat” ~ Staci

With both hands tightly gripping the steering wheel and Brad teasing about her “white knuckles” she tried applying all the things she learned from her driving test. Staci happily and carefully drove her new car home to A Kid’s Place and we could not be more proud of her.


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