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As a partner in Community Based Care, A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, Inc. embraces the belief that all children have the inalienable right to grow up safe, healthy and fulfilled in families that love and nurture them. However, it is sometimes necessary for a child to be removed from the home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Efforts are made to find placement with relatives or family friends, however this cannot always be accomplished. For these children, A Kid’s Place offers a safe and nurturing environment until a longer, more permanent placement can be obtained.

A Kid's Place provides a variety of services including case management, assessments (to include medical, dental, psychological, and behavioral), toddler and Pre-K education, life skills education, assistance to placing agency in identifying and securing a permanent placement for the child, coordination of visitation for parents or prospective foster parents, and post-placement support to foster parents.

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A Kid’s Place is based on a live-in House Parent model that allows brothers and sisters to live on-site with House Parents who provide a healthy and nurturing home. Family style meals, outings, support at school functions, medical appointments, and other day to day activities provide a loving and normal existence to foster children.

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Not only do our children absorb their ABC's and 1-2-3's, they are also inspired to learn and grow.

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Each child age 13 and older is given the opportunity to learn Independent Living Skills in an effort to better prepare him or her for the future.

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Did You Know?
Every week we use:
50 gallons of milk
40 pounds of potatoes
35 loaves of bread
100 pounds of ground beef
80 pounds of chicken

Every week we:
Take out 140 bags of trash
Run 70 load of dishes in the dishwasher 
Wash 210 loads of laundry

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