Education Programs

The Pre-K Class at A Kid’s Place is a springboard for our four year olds to succeed in public school Kindergarten.  From the alphabet to numbers, science to imaginative play, our three and four year olds are steeped in fun and learning, blossoming as they are stimulated both educationally and socially.

It isn't unusual to walk into the Pre-K classroom and see science experiments lining the counters: "We're studying germs and look at this!" points out 4-year old "Jared."  "See this stuff growing?  That's gross, but it's from the door knob in the bathroom," he explains.  "There are germs all over, so you have to wash your hands all the time."

Happy craft projects line the halls outside of the classroom as the children proudly display their creative work.  Dioramas of mountains, paper mache' globes of the earth, and finger painting creations attest to the creative minds at work in this classroom.

The Toddler Class
 experience at A Kid’s Place is often the first time children between the ages of two and three have been in an organized classroom setting.  Basic skills such as manners (learning how to share) and interacting with other children are taught, with plenty of time for stories in the rocking chair and dress up and make-believe games.  It isn't unusual to walk by the classroom and hear things like, "It's okay...he didn't want to take your truck, he just wanted to pat it!" or "Thank you for being such a big helper; did everyone see how 'Katie' put the puzzles back on the shelf?"  Simple lessons that will set these children up for success much farther down the line are lovingly instilled in each child.

The Hillsborough County Classroom
at A Kid’s Place is a place where children in grades Kindergarten through 5th can be given the extra attention they deserve in order to catch up with their classmates at grade level.  Small classes and individual attention by a Hillsborough County teacher allow these children to thrive, better enabling them to succeed once they return to public school.

Corbin, a sweet, quiet child simply couldn't acclimate himself to his new school when he found himself and his three  brothers at A Kid's Place.  He was behind in his studies and learning about two grade levels below other children his age, so he attended the on-site Hillsborough County Classroom at A Kid's Place.  There he received individual attention that he wouldn't be able to receive in a traditional classroom and little by little he began to "get it".  Given the right atmosphere and a teacher who had the time to devote to someone with exceptional needs was exactly what worked for Corbin; he eventually graduated into a classroom at the local elementary school.

The Discovery Club is an on-site after-school program for elementary-aged children.  This program focuses on science projects and experiments and also provides assistance for those who have school projects to complete.  Children participating in science fairs or completing school reports are given the extra attention they need to successfully complete these projects. No matter what is on the schedule, the science experiments are always the most fun activity! 

Summer Camp at A Kid's Place has become legendary for children and teens alike.  Local high school students intent on completing their Bright Futures Hours volunteer for an entire month as camp counselors, forging fast friendships with the children on campus.  Geared toward children between the ages of three and twelve, favorite activities include water play, science lab, crafts, drama, public speakers, and sports.


Did You Know?
Every week we use:
50 gallons of milk
40 pounds of potatoes
35 loaves of bread
100 pounds of ground beef
80 pounds of chicken

Every week we:
Take out 140 bags of trash
Run 70 load of dishes in the dishwasher 
Wash 210 loads of laundry

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