House Parent Model

A Kid’s Place is based on a live-in House Parent model that allows brothers and sisters to live on-site with House Parents who provide a healthy and nurturing home.  Family style meals, outings, support at school functions, medical appointments, and other day to day activities provide a loving and normal existence to foster children.

Like most homes, the children do normal things like play with friends, keep their rooms tidy, and work on class projects and  homework.  House parents are often seen helping glue glitter on science projects or arranging pipe cleaners into a diorama display.  A favorite activity in the house is baking cookies, and as one House Parent commented, "It takes a lot longer and it's a lot messier, but the kids love to help in the  kitchen!"  This is one of normal activities that many of the children haven't experienced, so the House Parents incorporate activities like this into every day.

One child was overheard telling another child how to make her bed: "Ms. Robin told me that you get two for the top and one for the bottom!  I never had two sheets before, so you put them on top of each other and you also get a blanket.  And look at this: it's a little sheet that your pillow slides into!" 

Youth Counselors on staff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week assist House Parents with all that overseeing 12 children entails.  From breakfast all the way to dinner, bath time, and bed time stories there is always something to do.  Even a simple outing to the splash pool at the "Y" has to be planned with military precision to make sure that each child has a towel and sunscreen, snacks and drinks are packed for everyone, and a 12-passenger van is reserved to transport.


Did You Know?
Every week we use:
50 gallons of milk
40 pounds of potatoes
35 loaves of bread
100 pounds of ground beef
80 pounds of chicken

Every week we:
Take out 140 bags of trash
Run 70 load of dishes in the dishwasher 
Wash 210 loads of laundry

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