Independent Living

Each child age 13 and older is given the opportunity to learn Independent Living Skills in an effort to better prepare him or her for the future.  Skills that many of us take for granted may never have been introduced to youth in foster care; at A Kid's Place we offer guidance and encouragement in many different areas of independence.

What are the services?

Some of the services provided through the Independent Living Program include:

  • Daily living skills, such as meal preparation and laundry duties.  Fourteen year old Bryan was convinced that he'd only be able to prepare Ramen Noodles once he was on his own, but he has now graduated to Chicken Piccata as his specialty.  "I like making my own food, and the leftovers are actually my favorite," he added.
  • Money management and basic budgeting programs.  "I wanted to get a credit card," 17 year old Tonya admitted, "until I learned how finance charges add up if you don't pay it off.  I never want to owe anybody anything," she decided.
  • Decision making skills and peer pressure overviews.  "I need to take this course again and again," Eric admitted.  "Peer pressure is serious stuff."
  • Building self-esteem.  "I'm going to be okay," 18 year old Layla assured us.  "I'm ready to be on my own now."
  • Financial assistance with college or vocational schools.  "College is expensive," 17 year old Jerome lamented.  "I can get help with my tuition, but I've still got lab fees, textbooks..and of course I'll need food!  That's a lot of money."
  • Educational Resources needed for further schooling after high school.  Twenty-one year old Mark aged out of A Kid's Place, then moved in with a friend so he could continue his education.  Two years later he received his EMT certification; today he is studying to be a RN.
  • Housing (Transitional Housing) and applying for assistance.  "I learned that when I go to the Public Assistance office, if I dress nicely and say 'Yes, Ma'am and Yes Sir' they treat me better.  I try to show how appreciative I am."
  • Employment and resume skills, interview overviews, and job application assistance.  "My mock interview helped me a lot," Grady admitted.  "I didn't realize I was mumbling and looking at the ground so much.  Now I shake hands and look the interviewer right in the eye to let him know I'm interested."


Did You Know?
Every week we use:
50 gallons of milk
40 pounds of potatoes
35 loaves of bread
100 pounds of ground beef
80 pounds of chicken

Every week we:
Take out 140 bags of trash
Run 70 load of dishes in the dishwasher 
Wash 210 loads of laundry

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