Our Culture

A Kid's Place is always seeking to improve the quality of experience for staff and all persons served. Our focus on cultural competency and diversity will enable us to improve our ability to provide culturally sensitive services to the individuals we serve as well as our employees.

We strive in maintaining an organizational culture in which a person-centered philosophy an approach is consistently reinforced through our values, beliefs, and management style of our leadership.

Foundational Beliefs:

1. Children enter foster care as a result of someone else’s actions.
2. Children who have been abused or neglected experience trauma and their first need is for healing.
3. In any given moment, children are doing the best they can.
4. Children will do well if they know how.
5. Children are best served when everyone involved strives to do their personal best.
6. To be truly effective in working with children, one must possess a passion to serve children .
7. We are never done growing and learning.
8. Change is constant.
9. Gossiping demoralizes everyone. It is always disrespectful.
10. You are in charge of your attitude. It is always your choice. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond.
11. Only by working together can we maximize our gifts.
12. People-adults as well as children-are most successful in a positive environment where praises offered frequently.

Workplace Expectations:

Focus: When we all focus on the needs of the child - not ourselves or one another – we create a stronger more effective environment for everyone.
Team Work: Our children need us-all of us, working together, committed and caring.
End Mediocrity: Aim high. Good enough falls short.
Pain brings gain: Embrace growth. Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone to experience growth.
Flexibility: Advancements and improvements only happen with change. Embrace change - be part of the improvement process.
Lift it up & make it right: Bring issues into the sunshine. Bring the right issue to the right person at the right time in the right manner.
End blaming: Mistakes happen. Rather than focusing on blame, let’s learn from the mistake, solve the problem, and move forward.
Praise: Be aware of the positive in others. Praise is most useful when given freely, truthfully, and often.
Own it: When you’re looking for the problem, start with yourself.
Role Models: Model the behavior you want to see from others.
Self Nurturing: Be good to yourself every day. It keeps the burnout away.
Don’t say no: Say yes with qualifiers.
Expect the unexpected: We don’t know our children. It’s always a learning experience.
In Context: Rules are not more important than the child. Understand the situation and act accordingly.
Get up and go: Show the children things they haven’t seen. Allow them to experience the world.
When all else fails: Your relationship with a child-the best tool in your toolbox. Building relationships don’t happen when you are merely a spectator.


Make a monetary DONATION; your generous dollars help us fulfill our mission.

HOST a drive with your company or social group for items most needed .

ORGANIZE a charitable fundraiser from start to finish to benefit A Kid's Place.

We are able to accomplish many things that would be difficult without the help of our VOLUNTEERS. 

Honorary Mayor

When local builder Jack Bartlett decided to run for Honorary Mayor of Brandon in 2013, he chose A Kid's Place as his charity.  "I chose to run for Honorary Mayor of Brandon to support A Kid's Place because of how strongly my wife, Wendy, and I feel about children.  This charity truly makes a difference in the life of a child."

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