“This was the first time many of our kids have ever planted a garden. It is an experience they will remember and cherish” ~Laura Herres 

We are excited to share the new garden at A Kid’s Place. Our friends at ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association and their amazing team provided all the supplies and spent the day teaching our kids how to plant and grow their own fruit and veggies. The mission of the garden program is to connect children with nature, promote an understanding of vegetable planting, and their role in healthy eating habits.

Our children let their creative juices flow as they personalized each bucket with colorful stickers and drawings. They had fun getting their hands dirty and playing food themed games allowing them a chance to play with their food. Every kids dream right?

After a hard days work it was time to eat a delicious meal prepared by Chefs Rene Marquis, Steve Afflixio Patrick Artz and Michael Thrash. Our kids feasted on corn on the cob, onion rings, french fries, chicken tenders, fruit, and of course dessert, ending the day with full tummies and big smiles.

Thank you so much Vanessa and Rene Marquis, ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association, and your team for making this possible. We are so grateful for your love, support, passion, and generosity. See you on harvest day!


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