Bonnie Karet, owner of Fishhawk art studio “Art Monkey,” is hiking the Appalachian Trail for adventure.  Tackling this 2000+ mile hike from Georgia to Maine has long been a dream of Bonnie’s, and she intends to use this opportunity to raise money for foster children and orphans.  Directly supporting A Kid’s Place and Big, Big World, the funds Bonnie raises will be equally split between both groups.   Bonnie has a goal of finishing in six months, and her blog can be checked often at  States Bonnie, “These kids are important. Please help us help them realize their full potential by making a donation. 100% of what I raise on my hike will be split evenly between the two groups, and not a nickel goes to anything else.”  Way to go, Bonnie!  Thank you for taking on this great challenge and benefiting children along the way.

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