Art is a great way to express yourself and transform your emotions into something amazing whether it be through painting, drawing, or photography. Steve Kallenbach, a local photographer, had the opportunity to connect with one of our amazing artists on campus, 10 year old Cooper, after purchasing some original art from Cooper at our annual A Kid’s Place Fostering Hope Gala.

Steve could hardly wait to come to the AKP Campus to teach Cooper many new and exciting things about art such as how he takes his photographs, the printing process, and how to sign and copyright your original artwork. Cooper was excited to show off some of his drawings and some of the art he currently has in the works.

The two artists then exchanged their art pieces and signed them for one another.

  “Lucky for you, I know cursive.” – Cooper, Age 10 

Then, Steve stocked Cooper up with the latest and greatest of art supplies to add to his collection for years of art to come. We would like to extend a great big thank you to Steve for his generosity and wisdom he has shared with Cooper. We cannot wait to see what art he creates!

“O.M.G. Ms. Mary, that was awesome!” – Cooper, Age 10


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