As we reflect on a remarkable journey spanning 15 years, we are filled with gratitude and admiration for the
extraordinary dedication and unwavering commitment DeDe Grundel has demonstrated as a valued
Board Member of A Kid’s Place. We thank her for her invaluable time and contributions during her tenure on
our board of directors. She will always be a part of our AKP family!

What inspired you to become and remain a donor at AKP?
I was involved in the building of it (AKP) and
watching all of those buildings pop-up and knowing
throughout this process everything we did because
someone in the Community believed in it.

How did you meet Dottie, our founder?
We met in 1989 when I worked with training other
non-profit organizations. She asked to get lunch and
you can never tell Dottie “No”, and we formed an
admiration and friendship!

What part of your involvement has meant the most to
My mother grew up in foster care. The sibling
connected program resonated with me.

What do you wish to happen next and what would your
legacy be?
I know that the hand that I played was well played
and the leaders after me solidified this program to
give it its power, sustainability and longevity.

What is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?
Kayaking! It used to be riding my motorcycle.

What three traits define you?
Loyalty, tenacity, and optimism.

Favorite thing about Tampa Bay?
The people! The community is extremely
supportive and philanthropic.

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