As Summer draws near, many of us are excited as we plan and prepare for our favorite summer pastimes. Family vacations, taking on new hobbies, visiting Grandparents, hanging out at the mall with friends, or going to the beach are checked off as we make our way down the summer wish list. We count down the days to when we can finally have some fun, rest, relax, and create memories with the ones we love. But, for children in foster care these pastimes are a lot different.

“Going out for Ice Cream!” yelled 9 year old Sally when asked what she is looking forward to doing this summer.

One of the goals at A Kid’s Place is to create a sense of normalcy for the children in our care. Those normalcy activities we work so hard to put in place were drastically halted due to Covid. Our children were kept on campus for longer periods of time than they were accustomed to. This year, just like you, we are looking forward to getting back to normal.

Every summer we have a STEAM focused summer camp with Ms. Alice and other special outings, as it is always our mission to provide our children with the same opportunities and  experiences as their peers. This year we want to do even more and we need your help to make it happen.

Please consider making a donation for normalcy activities such as going to the movies, visiting the aquarium or zoo, or going bowling with friends. You can even sponsor an outing for our children to enjoy. Let’s make this summer fun, memorable, and filled with pastimes they can look forward to.  Click here to sponsor activities, or make a donation below.

How your gift can make a difference!

$17 – Can feed one child for a week

$90 – Can sponsor one child new backpack filled with new school supplies

$234 – Can sponsor new clothing, undergarments and shoes for one child

$500 – Can sponsor four children to attend 2 weeks of Summer Camp and Discovery Club


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