Dimple (Dee) Morgan has spent over 16 years in her field and has held a management role in every area of accounting and finance imaginable for both profit and non-profit organizations. In each of her roles, she has had the pleasure of reporting directly to executive management or board of directors and also serves on an executive team and board. Throughout her career she has functioned in an oversight/managing capacity for internal and external audit, risk, financial reporting, finance and accounting, treasury, budget and forecast planning and governance and strategy in each sector. This experience has given her tremendous knowledge of business operations and finance and accounting in both practical and technical applications.

Dee strives for excellence and has a proven track record of building and maintaining high performing teams. Dee has managed budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. In addition to her experience and leadership, she has sought career and personal development from both Harvard and Wharton.

dee morgan professional photo

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