Growing up, we all hear about the stories of princes, princesses, and other fairy tale heroes.We begin to understand the idea of what it means to hope for something to come true. We develop relationships with the characters in the tales and hope to one day have our own dreams come true. What better place for that to happen than at Disney on Ice where our children were able to see their favorite Disney Characters? Their faces lit up as they saw their favorite heroes come to life! Children who come to A Kid’s Place are often deprived of hope because they have been removed from their families and communities. However, seeing their own heroes retelling their tales of overcoming adversity was an inspiration. The stories of Moana, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ana and Elsa, Beauty and the Beast, and Coco were true representations of resilience. Our children were reminded that in the midst of trying and desperate circumstances, there can still be hope for a happily ever after. One of our children leaned over to me and whispered, “Wow, I cannot believe they all came here to share their magic with us, we must be pretty special.”. It is because of our generous donors that we are able to provide our children with this experience, and continue to inspire hope in the midst of the pain and trauma.

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