As the final few months of the year come to an end and we prepare for the coziness of fall, the thrill of Halloween, the Joy of Thanksgiving and the magic of Christmas, we work hard to make this season special for our children. While the holiday season is special to so many as we travel, shop, and spend time with family and friends, the same cannot be said of children in foster care. Things that are normal for others may not be normal for them and this can be a really difficult season for our children. Imagine hearing your classmates talk about the fun and special time they had with family and feeling left out?

Simple luxuries like a sleepover with cousins, a day out at a Haunted Mansion with friends, or spending Christmas morning with family are few and far between and can be a daunting process to have approved. But, as a team and community we come together to support our children and work hard to make this the best season of their lives. One that is filled with memories of love, joy, warmth, and happiness.

Please consider making a difference in the life of a foster child this holiday season.  For more information visit  for ways you can support our children and make their holiday wishes come true.



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