The recently launched Fundholder Match Program with The Community Foundation of Tampa Provides provides a 1-to-3 match to grants made from your donor advised fund or Family Foundation to directly address a need submitted on the Nonprofit Needs Request Form. Please contact Nicolette Rea at [email protected] ,  at the foundation for more information.

The minimum match is $250 when you grant $750 to help meet a need on the list. Our maximum match is $5,000 when you grant $15,000 or more to address a Nonprofit Need Request on the list. Your first donation to a nonprofit organization on the list is eligible for the match. Subsequent donations must be to different nonprofit on the list to be eligible.

A Kid’s Place has formally submitted the request below. 

Requested Need As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all children residing at A Kid’s Place residential foster care facility are no longer in school 5 days a week, which requires us to hire additional childcare and provide additional food and supplies during this time. The children we serve have been abused, neglected or abandoned, and in order to serve them effectively we maintain a standard 4:1 ratio of adults to children. It will be especially important to give our children additional attention during this stressful time to avoid adding emotional distress or trauma on top of what they have already experienced. As detailed below, over the next 12 weeks we will incur an additional $16,776 in childcare expense, $35,858 in food expense and $3,500 in academic expense to address E-learning technology requirements.
Fund Use Funding will be used to cover the following:

Childcare: Additional staff: 79 hours/week @ $12/hour * 12 weeks = $11,376. Overtime for current staff: 25 hours/week @ $18/hour * 12 weeks = $5,400.
Total Childcare Expense: $16,776

Food: 2 additional meals/day @ $1.68/serving * 22 days * 80 children = $5,914/month * 3 months = $17,742. In Kind Food & Supplies normally provided by Corporate Drives held during the months of March/April/May that have now been cancelled = $18,116. (based on numbers from the same months in 2019)
Total Food Expense: $35,858

Academic: 10 additional laptops to address e-learning requirements @ $350 = $3,500.
Total Academic Expense: $3,500

Total Funding Requested: $56,134
Charity Check Verification Date 03/30/2020

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