When you’re feeling especially generous and don’t know how to make the biggest impact, where do you go?  A good place to start is through Give Day Tampa Bay.  This community-wide, 24-hour online giving challenge helps non-profits in the Tampa Bay area raise much-needed money while bringing awareness to some really great local organizations.  Hosted by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, Give Day Tampa Bay has over 595 area nonprofits participating this year.  Certainly you can find one that’s a good match for your giving.
A Kid’s Place will be participating in this great event once again, and we look forward to seeing what the community does for the foster children in our care.  Every year we’ve increased our donations thanks to our dedicated supporters, and we are grateful for the many generous donors who spread their giving throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.
Not too long ago a basket was passed at a concert our children attended.  Explaining to our children that offerings were sometimes taken to help defray the costs of an event or to collect monetary support, we watched the family ahead of us explain the same thing to their young son.  As the basket passed in front of him, he held up a $10 bill and whispered to his father that he’d like to take $5 back out.  “Put the whole thing in there,” his father whispered to him.  “It’ll make your heart feel good!”
What makes your heart feel good?  Give Day, Tampa Bay.

To make a donation towards Give Day Tampa Bay click here.

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