Friday November 18th marked the beginning of “12 Days of Thankfulness” We are so grateful for the ways our community comes together to support A Kid’s Place, and we celebrate the generosity of each and every donor who helps provide loving homes, compassionate staff, food, clothing, and even outings for the children to enjoy.  Join us every day on Facebook to see why we are grateful and how you can help leading up to Giving Tuesday November 29, 2016!
This year’s Giving Tuesday challenge is extra special, and your support can be a part of what makes A Kid’s Place special.  In partnership with Eckerd Community Alternatives, A Kid’s Place provides a safe and loving home to foster children from all over the greater Tampa Bay area. Your gift of $45 sponsors a child living at A Kid’s Place for one day. What makes us unique is our ability to provide programs that the children need right on our campus.  What does this mean, and what do we offer these children?
On-site classes are offered for toddlers, pre-schoolers, and elementary students.  An on-site therapist provides a safe place to talk.  System Navigators assist the children with medical visits, school registrations, court appearances, and other tangled webs of a very intricate system.  
In order to provide for whatever a child might need, we aim to raise $1.2 million dollars each year to supplement Eckerd’s support and allow us to continue these programs.  At just $45 per day, you can help provide loving, live-in house parents and staff trained in trauma-informed care.  What does this mean?  Your support allows Ms. Cathy to teach a two-year old how to hold a doll lovingly.  Your support allows Ms. Alice to show a four-year old a virus under the microscope, then grow her own bacteria in a Petri dish to better understand the process of germs.  Your support allows Ms. Candy to take a 5th grader who is working at a 2nd grade level and work one-on-one with him until he is ready to be incorporated into a public school class.  And your support allows a therapist to be there when a child comes home from school and needs to talk to someone about her fears or uncertainties.  
For children in foster care, we need to provide these things as soon as we can, so the children can begin to heal from the trauma they’ve endured and start building a healthy new outlook on a solid foundation of security and love.  
Together, we can make a difference in the lives of foster children from all over the greater Tampa Bay area!

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