May 5th was a day filled with excitement and sadness for Mike and his siblings. It was the day they would say goodbye to A Kid’s Place and reunite with their family. I watched as this group of siblings walked across the courtyard and made their way towards the door with tears in their eyes. Children and staff from the home they shared followed closely behind them to lend a helping hand with all of their belongings. Not blood brothers and sisters, but connected by something much deeper. These children are forever bonded by a shared experience that few will ever relate to in their lives.

I watched as their friends ran to them to give them hugs. “Don’t forget about the football we played” one said as they did their special high-5, “Remember the games we played together” said another. I watched them embrace with this internal family they had made and wondered what was going through each of their heads. For Mike and his siblings, butterflies of anticipation mixed with melancholy about leaving their new make-shift family. And with each child leaving, there are those who stay back. Happy for their friends, but left wondering when their turn will be. With the dedication of staff and our community, A Kid’s Place will be here to give them the home they need until it is their time.

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