Do you remember the hardships and challenges you had to face to get through the school year? Do you remember the feeling of joy and relief when the school year came to a close and the summer fun could finally begin? A Kid’s Place hosted our second Graduation Celebration Luncheon this year to commemorate all the milestones our children had reached.

Held at the Center Place Fine Arts and Civic Association, our kids and staff were excited for the afternoon festivities to begin. Program Director, Jynelle Batts, began the program with a speech congratulating the children for their hard work and dedication. Awards were passed out for Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and Citizenship. House Parents gave out awards of their own for most helpful, most positive peer relations, and most tidy.

We cannot begin to express how proud we are of our children and their accomplishments despite the challenges they’ve faced. We would like to extend a big thank you to our awesome staff and supporters who made this possible.

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