I-Station is a comprehensive e-Learning program our children have the benefit of using throughout the summer to keep them academically sharp. It helps with summer lag and most importantly for our children who might be behind the opportunity to catch up with their peers.

This summer Joshua was not required to participate in I-Station but wanted to improve his skills. He took it upon himself to sign up and take his education in his own hands to prevent himself from sliding back academically.

Lucas had a much different experience. When he started off at I-Station he didn’t want to do anything, he just sat stubbornly at his desk. Ms. Cathy worked with him to get him excited about learning. It started off with just 15 minutes of Math and reading each day and eventually Ms. Cathy saw him progress into 30 minutes, then 40! Lucas is now excelling and doing very well!

These 2 boys with different needs were able to grow in the specific ways they needed because of tools like I-Station. Thanks to the support and generosity of the community we are able to have such programs for our kids to grow and excel.

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