This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we would like to celebrate and honor our very own Special Events Coordinator, Lindy Sperry. Over the past 18 months Lindy has had an uphill battle with breast cancer and somehow, she still found a way to care for her husband and 2 small children, keep her spunk, and throw 2 of our highest grossing fundraisers while still balancing surgeries and medical Read More

We know that her battle is far from over, but we are so thankful for her, and we are inspired by her strength. Today we send our love and support to Lindy and other women who are and have been in her shoes. Today we want to remind them that we love them, we care, and we are in their corner. Keep fighting.

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  1. Carolyn on

    Lindy has the most amazing attitude and is always so very upbeat. I admire her spirit and tenacity in everything she does. She is truly one of a kind.


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