There is just something about getting a fresh new haircut that makes you look good and feel good. Recently, A Kid’s Place took all our boys to get haircuts and they were stoked. They all talked about what kind of cut they were going to get when one boy had a special cut in mind. He wanted to show his houseparent how much he loved her… so he decided to get I LOVE MS. D added to his new cut. Staff was skeptical and asked over and over again if he was sure and assured him that Ms. D knew he loved her, but he insisted. So sweet!

Moments like these are special to us because not only do we have the opportunity to help our kids feel and look good, but we also see that we are making a difference in their life. With the help of our community, we are able to show them the good in the world and allow them the opportunity to just be a kid. Special thanks to Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy for the awesome hair cuts.

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