Many children experience culture shock upon arrival at A Kid’s Place, especially children from other countries                                                                                  like 12 year old David.                                     

David was distrustful of anyone who did not look like him and explained that he was “wary of caucasian people” due to trauma endured from his past.

Our staff had to find ways to navigate through the walls and barriers David put up to protect himself and his family. It wasn’t long before he started to gain the trust of our amazing staff who continually remined him that he was welcomed, safe, and loved. We hope that we can continue to uplift and learn from our children from all walks of life, respect their cultures, and listen. It proves that it makes a meaningful difference not only to our children but also to us.

Pictured: David rushed over to help Allison (who does not look like him) stay up on her caster board when he saw she was falling. So sweet


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