Every summer at A Kid’s Place we begin our onsite work program which allows our kids the opportunity to work and earn money in various jobs around campus. One of those jobs is with our Property Managers Jeff and Evan. Our little applicants assist in painting, pressure washing, keeping our campus clean, and learning new skills.

Over time we noticed that our boys adamantly sought-after Jeff and Evan ready to work and spoke very highly of them. Our hard-working property managers had also become mentors and positive role models our boys looked up to. They would confide in them, seek their advice, and enjoy lunch with them.

“Mr. Evan inspires me because he’s like my dad. He looks and acts like him but doesn’t do the bad stuff” ~John aged 13

We are beyond pleased and proud of Jeff and Evan for all the hard work they do to keep A Kid’s Place clean and beautiful but more importantly, for making a difference and lasting impact in the lives of our children.

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