Making Seasons Bright

On Christmas morning 9 year old Charlie was one of the first kids up and ready to open his gifts. He could not contain his excitement when he saw all the huge bags of gifts and stockings under the tree and one of these bags had his name on it.

As Charlie opened gift after gift, he screamed in delight “this is my first Christmas, this is my first Christmas! Now when I go back to school I can finally share with my teacher and friends what I got for Christmas”!

Anyone who has ever had a tour of A Kid’s Place would often hear us say that what is considered normal for other children is different for children in foster care. Holidays and birthdays are not always celebrated and back to school days can be sad because they don’t have anything share.

We thank you  for your generosity and outpour of love for our children. The  memories you afforded them and other children in care are priceless and will follow them forever.


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