At A Kid’s Place we understand the importance of equipping our children with the skills they need to successfully transition into adulthood.

Our Independent Living Program is designed for our youth to participate in various trainings to include: personal hygiene, basic cooking and cleaning, financial literacy, giving back through volunteering, and employment among other things.

We are so proud to report that we have multiple teens who have received their first jobs this summer.  Each teen completed an online application, followed by a detailed resume, and completed mock interviews to prepare for the real thing. They were excited to shop in our donation room for interview outfits and everyone beamed with pride when they received the calls of acceptance.

Betsy is excited to save up for a car and has learned the importance of dressing appropriately for a job interview.  Stacy is also saving up for a car for when she receives her driver’s license in the fall.  She has learned to work diligently and efficiently, all with a big smile. Ronda is happy to have a little bit of extra pocket change for the freedom to shop when and where she wants.

For these three girls this milestone has taught them responsibility, time and money management. It has also given them a sense of accomplishment and independence.  We are so proud of these young women for working so hard to build an amazing future for themselves!

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