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Many years ago when I was a teenager I remember asking my parents for Cross Color clothes and Doc Martens combat boots. It was the hottest trend of the nineties, in all the music videos, in the teen bop magazines, and almost all of my peers were wearing it. Of course my parents didn’t understand the importance of my “reputation” and the need to fit in with my peers. It was my top priority in life. My request was never granted and though I thought it was the end of the world at the time. I survived. I am so happy that time in my life is over but, for our teens, social acceptance among their peers is still a top priority.

It’s difficult to navigate through life as a teenager especially in today’s climate. They are dealing with everything from the stress of COVID, depression and anxiety, to bullying and poverty and for our children, living away from their families in foster care. This adds another layer of difficulty in not being able to participate in everyday activities like sleepovers, after school activities, going on a date, hanging out at the mall, enjoying a concert, making memories, and building lasting and meaningful friendships.

 “Ms. Tamika, we like graphic tees from Target and Walmart and ripped jeans” said 16 year old Becky as she looked through clothing in our donation room. 

It is important for us at A Kid’s Place to provide normalcy and afford our children the same opportunities as their peers. As our demographics continue to change to serve older children, so do our needs. We recently spoke to some of our teens and asked them what items they would like to see more of in our donation room. We listened and compiled a list and we need your help. Click here http://bit.ly/AKPTeens   select Shop Charity Lists, login to Amazon and shop our Teen amazon wish list

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