Beth Bradburn has been an advocate, volunteer, and Board Member with A Kid’s Place for over five years. Beth and Homes by WestBay have been an amazing community partner, hosting drives, supporting events, and donating to A.K.P. for every home sold since 2018. 

 When did you get involved with this organization and how did you first hear about us?
 5 years ago during a Holiday Gift Drive. We are a local builder and wanted to be involved with a worthy cause that is fiscally responsible and makes a difference in the community, an employee mentioned A Kid’s Place. We collected a bunch of toys and toured the campus while delivering them.
• What inspired you to become and remain a donor and volunteer of AKP
There was an instant connection and recognition of how valuable A Kid’s Place is to the community, how important the work is for children we serve now and as they age out.
• What part of your involvement has meant the most to you?
 Providing for the children by raising much needed funds and continuing to raise those funds.
• What do you hope happens next at AKP and what do you wish your legacy to be at AKP
 A facility where we can host a place for the kids to interact safely within a controlled environment and giving them opportunity to grow
• What is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?
 Going to the beach
• If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet?
 My Mom
• How do you define success?
 The ability to appreciate life and life experiences. Its how we make the best out of situations. Its not what we have but how we use what we’ve been given.
• Favorite Food?
 Anything Mediterranean , I lived in Turkey for 2 1/2 years.
• What is something you are looking forward to?
 The arrival of my 5th grandchild. So excited, I love spending time with my grandchildren on the beach and traveling.
• What is your favorite family tradition?
 Attending church as a family with my two daughters and four grandchildren. Sunday mornings are a lot of fun!
• Where are you most excited to travel this coming year?
• Where is your favorite place to travel?
• Favorite Dish to cook?
 Spicy Chili! Up to 9 years ago I didn’t cook much. I found a love in cooking with different ingredients and spices I love experimenting with new things.
• Favorite local restaurant?
 Café Amici in downtown Sarasota
• Favorite Tampa Team?
 Lightning #gobolts

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