Ms. Kim has been volunteering at A Kid’s Place for over 2 years helping with everything from keeping our donation room organized to helping get everything ready for our signature events.  Every Tuesday we look forward to seeing her beautiful smile.  We recently sat down with Ms. Kim for a “Take 5” interview, take some time to read more about her.

When did you get involved with this organization and how did your first hear about us?  I googled you, thought you were a daycare.

What attracted you to the cause? A large percentage of donations goes directly to the kids and you throw great parties.

What part of your involvement has meant the most to you? Being here with you guys. You are good people

What are you most passionate about? Education, my daughter is a special education teacher.

What is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? Shopping at flea markets

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you want to meet? Jerry Seinfeld, I love him

What three traits define you? Organized, Funny, Laid Back ( go with the flow)

Who inspires you? My daughter, she is laser focused and my friend Diana, she has a heart of gold.

What was the last book you read? American Dirt

Guilty Pleasure Food? Anything chocolate

Proudest Moment? My daughters graduation, she is headed to her 4th one. 

Words of advice for our children? Be responsive not responsible

What is a secret talent that no one knows? Crafting

What is your favorite family tradition? Christmas, we open our gifts one at a time. 

What is your favorite movie? Doctor Zhivago

If you could be a superhero what would your power be? Mind reader

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