Thanksgiving may be over, but at A Kid’s Place we continue to count our blessings as we celebrate our most successful Giving Tuesday to date!  We are thankful to BioSpine for their generous matching funds, which helped us take in over $7,000.00!  We are thankful to the many people who took time out of their busy day to donate, and we are thankful that our supporters believe in A Kid’s Place and what it provides for foster children from all over the greater Tampa Bay area.

Twelve year old Jason is one of many children who benefits from the programs that A Kid’s Place offers.  Jason told us that he had a report due at school, but that he would take a failing grade because he wasn’t able to come up with the supplies needed to complete the assignment.  “I thought I could make a display board with a cardboard box, but I couldn’t get it to stand up straight,” he explained.  “And I didn’t have any markers, so I couldn’t draw anything on the box anyway.”  We explained to him that we would provide the supplies he needed, and Jason was even able to attend tutor time on-site after school for specific help with the presentation.  The day the report was due, Jason was a bundle of nerves as he boarded the bus with his tri-fold board securely under his arm.  When the judges walked past his display he was physically shaking, but imagine his surprise when he looked up and saw his house parents standing at the side of the gym, watching with pride.  He later explained, “I never had a chance to know how good I was at science presentations, but I’m amazing!”

Your support makes a difference in the lives of so many children; children like Jason, who never had a chance to understand how amazing he is.  Your support encourages children to move on from the trauma they’ve endured and begin to heal in a safe and loving environment.  Thank you for participating in #GivingTuesday and helping so many children living at A Kid’s Place.

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