Last Christmas, we watched as 7 year old Quinton reverently took his filled Christmas stocking into his bedroom and sat down on his bed to explore the goodies inside.  “I want to be alone,” he explained, “so no one makes me forget what I’m doing.”  This was Quinton’s first Christmas stocking, and he was determined to make the most of it.  His Christmas letter to Santa had reached the North Pole, and in his bag under the tree were brightly wrapped gifts chosen especially for him.  While the other children tore into boxes and begged for help with batteries and assemblies, Quinton savored each moment, quietly unwrapping each gift and carefully folding the paper to stow under his bed.  For many children in foster care, magical Christmas memories are something to read about in picture books, not experienced in real life.  At A Kid’s Place, community supporters make sure that Christmas memories made here will last a lifetime, and the joy of the holiday season spreads rapidly over the campus.  For one little seven-year old boy, that Christmas memory will go with him wherever his life takes him next.  We are proud to be a part of that experience!  Can you remember when something was so exciting for you that you simply needed a quiet place to savor it?  This is truly the joy of the season and the miracle of Christmas. 

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