Each morning Ms. Cathy begins class with words of affirmation for her students. She stands at the classroom door with mirror in hand, “I am smart, I am kind and there is no one else in the world just like me”

While staring back at their reflection in the mirror the children repeat the words and get a big hug from Ms. Cathy before entering class for a day of learning.

For 11 year old Jackson this was difficult. He would keep his eyes on the floor and struggled with saying nice things about himself. But Ms. Cathy remained constant.

Recently, Jackson asked “Ms. Cathy, can I try?”

“Of course” Ms. Cathy replied, and with mirror in hand Jackson said, “I am smart, I am kind….”

Click here to see these Words of Affirmation 

“I am a firm believer that when we develop the whole child and foster their social and emotional development, the academics will come. Everything we do is a teachable moment and I am their cheerleader” ~Ms. Cathy

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