Can you remember your first Valentine and how you felt? The excitement you feel is something that’s hard to forget! Jackson, age 17, could not wait to spend the day with his girlfriend and give her a gift to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.

Unsure of what to get his Valentine, he sought out the advice from Ms. Mary. Jackson approached Ms. Mary one afternoon and gave her a playful nudge and asked her for some tips on what he could get her.

“Ms. Mary, can you help a guy out?” – Jackson, age 17

Jackson knew he wanted to get his girlfriend a teddy bear, but Ms. Mary had an idea to spruce up the gift. She came back with a bracelet that he could give to his Valentine to make his girlfriend feel extra special this Valentine’s Day.

Moments like these are so special and we are grateful we get to be a part of these lifelong memories.

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