Independent Living

At A Kid’s Place, we understand the importance of equipping our children
with the skills they need to successfully transition into adulthood.

With our Independent Living Program, youth participate in various training to include: personal health and hygiene, basic cooking and cleaning, financial literacy, giving back through volunteering, and employment among other things.

Our hope is that throughout their time spent at A Kid’s Place, the Independent Living Program will teach them how to live without constant supervision and feel confident to maneuver their way through life.

We are proud to offer:

  • Keys to Independence –designed to provide youth in foster care access to drivers education, obtain a driver’s license and assistance with purchasing car insurance.
  • Healing Poetry-allows a safe and healthy space to express the difficulties foster children face using writing and poetry as a means/outlet to heal.
  • Onsite Work Program- A Kid’s Place created 6 paid positions for our teens to join our team. The Teens are given a firsthand experience as they apply, interview, and work in various employment positions offered at a Kid’s Place.
  • Financial Literacy- We partner with our local bank to teach budgeting, saving, and banking “I wanted to get a credit card, 17-year-old Tonya admitted, “Until I learned how finance charges add up if you don’t pay it off. I never want to owe anybody anything.”
  • Culinary class-10 week food safety and basic culinary skills with Ms. Laura, A Kid’s Place kitchen manager.
  • Give Back- Teens volunteer at a local food bank and experience purpose and joy in helping others.
Independent living

The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence” –Denis Waitley