“Imagine if everyone in the world just helped one person, what a better world it would be.”

Dottie Berger MacKinnon

It takes a well orchestrated and dedicated group of individuals to ensure our kids are receiving the highest quality of care. Choose a department below to learn more about how each of our teams make an impact and support our mission.

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Program Director
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Development Director
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HR Director
Erin Booker
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While telling our story is essential, it’s also about building relationships and “Friendraising” in the community. Building awareness and the understanding of who we are and what our mission stands for is critical to our organization. Staff and volunteers dedicate themselves to raising funds through individual and corporate giving, hosting events, and writing grants to sustain our campus and initiatives, we hold fiscal responsibility and the careful management of funds entrusted to us at the highest priority.

Our goal is to ensure a safe, loving, and nurturing home to the children in our care. If you would like more information on how you can help please call 813-381-3839 or contact us directly at:

While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village of sorts to support a residential group home. Working collectively as a team to accomplish the many tasks at hand necessary to provide for a program of this nature, our team consists of paid staff, volunteers, and donated services.

House Parents create a loving, home-like environment for the children at A Kid’s Place. Youth Counselors, working various shifts, provide 24 hour support in the home. Meals, home upkeep, appointments, outings, school-related activities and many teachable moments make up each day in these busy homes.

During their stay at A Kid’s Place, children are assigned a Systems Navigator. This staff person assesses the child’s needs and accesses community resources and services as appropriate. From school placement assistance and transfer of records to medical appointments and court dates, these dedicated professionals are there to help make a traumatic time much easier for our children.

Education needs vary widely at A Kid’s Place, so we offer a variety of options for all ages. Our youngest students attend “Toddler Time” where our teachers encourage social development and teach the children skills needed for success in a classroom setting. Our pre-schoolers enjoy an interactive class designed to prepare them for kindergarten. They enthusiastically tackle subject matters like science, math, language, and arts and crafts.

Our Education Center provides a dedicated quiet area for virtual classes, homework, and tutoring. It also allows for staff training, resume building, and applying for jobs.

Our facility also boasts a Hillsborough County elementary classroom, which is a satellite classroom for Brooker Elementary. Children are able to receive grades and credit for any work completed in this classroom.