Residential Foster Care ensures that the needs of children
are met when they can not live with their own family.

We provide a variety of services which meet the social, educational, medical, and psychological needs of each child. This also includes exposure to fun activities and experiences that create memories that will last a lifetime.

Services Provided

Each family is assigned a Systems Navigator who acts as an on-site case manager. These navigators are a liaison to the placement agency and work closely with teachers, doctors, staff, and families to ensure each child’s case receives the necessary services.


While in the care of A Kid’s Place, children are provided complete medical services, from well-child exams and immunizations to treatment of minor childhood colds and flu bugs. Specialty appointments and treatments are also provided as needed.


Thanks to the support of Suncoast Dental and other community providers, each child receives an evaluation and dental cleaning at A Kid’s Place. Children receive the dental care they deserve by caring professionals.

Behavioral Therapy

Counseling provided by Bay Area Behavioral Services and other community providers helps many of our children deal with past trauma, helping them to begin healing and move forward.

Normalcy Activities

Normalcy Activities are important to the overall wellbeing of our children, allowing them access to the same experiences as their peers. Exposure to things like Museums, Concerts, Movies, and amusement parks create memories and social inclusion.

kid with popcorn

Fun Times at AKP!

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