Who knew Opera music and teenagers would be such a perfect pairing!? Through the Straz Performing Arts Center, Melissa Misener and the Tampa Bay Opera came by AKP to introduce our kids to the wonderful world of Opera music! They did a full performance and left our kids in awe. Before the show, Ms. Mary told the kids that its’ tradition to say “Bravo!” at the end of a tremendous Opera performance. Not knowing how the kids would initially react, we were all so excited to see that at the end of the performance all the children jumped up in unison and yelled “Bravo!” as they clapped for the singers. It’s always so amazing to see our kids learn something new – whether it be a new skill or hobby, or a whole new experience. But the best part of all, is knowing the kids are having fun and enjoying all the great things life has to offer them!

Thank you again to everyone who made this event happen!

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