Homecoming is more than just a night of socializing; it’s a tradition that fosters a sense of unity, school spirit, and nostalgia for all students. For many, it’s a rite of passage, a moment where they come together to celebrate their school and the friends they made along the way – and it’s no different for our kids. With your help, we were able to give our kiddos the best homecoming experience EVER! Our teens were able to pick out all of their outfits, shoes, and accessories. They even got their hair and nails done! Once they were all dressed up, they got the real royal treatment of riding to homecoming in style in a fabulous Rolls Royce limousine! After that, they took photos, to make the memories last forever. They also got to enjoy dinner at Kobe Steakhouse before dancing the night away!

We couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for helping us create these special memories for our kids – they will cherish this forever! We asked our teens some of their favorite parts about Homecoming this year – check out our mini-interviews below! 


Demi, Age 16-

Favorite part of homecoming: The music!

Favorite part about getting ready: Picking out shoes. I bought sparkly heels!

Describing homecoming in one word: FUN and LIT

“Riding in the rolls Royce was fun!”

Cassidy, Age 15-

Favorite part of homecoming: Everything, especially the food!

“This was my first time going to homecoming and even though I don’t really dance, I still had fun. Homecoming was crazy!”

Jessie, Age 16-

Favorite part of homecoming -Dress shopping

Describe homecoming in word one- Fantastic.

Favorite part about getting ready – Make-up

“I loved riding in the Rolls Royce!”

Shane, Age 17-

Favorite part of homecoming- The music

“Homecoming was definitely cool!”

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