Our kids have been reaching so many milestones and we’re so happy to celebrate them all! Most recently, one of our aged-out teens, Carmen is now a fully licensed driver and the proud owner of her own CAR courtesy of some very generous donors.  These two individuals truly helped changed her life and give Carmen a whole new level of independence! Carmen has been so excited about the freedom of the open road. Guess what her go-to sing in the car playlist is and a few other of her favorite things about having a car in the mini take-5 below: 


1. If you could take a road trip anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you go with?
Gatlinburg, TN, to see my best friend
       2. If your car could talk, what do you think it would say about you as a driver? 
” You’re a Grandma, Go faster, Don’t be scared”
       3.  What’s your favorite driving playlist 
Anything by The Neighborhood
      4. What’s your favorite driving memory so far? 
Driving my car from the DMV/ When the car was officially mine.

One comment on “Carmen’s First CAR!

  1. Krista Marie Schultz on

    Hello Carmen!!!! You go right ahead and grab your dreams from the clouds and pull them down! Your whole life is ahead of you and we are all behind you as you chase your dreams. God Bless You!!!


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