A global threat like COVID-19 touches everyone, and gives us an opportunity to all come together!

Here at A Kid’s Place, we are facing many difficult challenges, much like you and your family. Although we continue to do everything in our power to shield the children in our care from the added stress and worry resulting from COVID-19, we are already seeing an impact on their emotional health that will need to be addressed. Visits from biological parents have been suspended and replaced by video calls, which is very difficult for children who already feel their parents abandoned them and need some reassurance that they will be reunited. On-site therapy has been replaced with virtual therapy, adding to the many changes the children are experiencing.

During the first week of quarantine, 9 year old Hannah was having a meltdown on the playground. Our staff was able to calm her down and spent a bit of one-on-one time with her. She wrote letters to her mom on the whiteboard, played games, and asked if we would play the songs “You Are Not Alone” and “Butterfly Kisses” because they reminded her of her mother who she misses. This took such a toll on some of our staff that several had to leave the room so that Hannah did not see them cry.

These have been trying times for us all, and Hannah is a reminder of the stress and pain our children carry during this pandemic.

As we navigate threw these unprecedented times, we stay dedicated in our mission to keep brothers and sisters together in foster care, where they can heal together.


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