This year’s 3rd annual awareness luncheon was our best ever, and it actually occurred to many of the attendees how much people missed out on if they weren’t there.  We couldn’t count it a success without all our faithful supporters who filled the tables and gave generously, but there were many aspects that came together to make it work so beautifully.

Food – the chicken and rice curry salad served in a halved pineapple and strewn with edible flowers was trumped only by the petite shooter desserts of cheesecake and chocolate mousse.
Speakers – Julie Weintraub emceed and provided that extra sparkle, while presenters Pam Bondi and Fred and Laura Lay helped to highlight awards and programs.
Our keynote speakers Daniel and Cindy Clare were outstanding as they shared what brought them to A Kid’s Place and highlighted several sibling groups who made the biggest impact on their lives.  Spoiler Alert!  The three siblings who made the utmost greatest impact on them turned out to be their forever children, who they proudly adopted and now call their own.
Finally, there was the magnificent film provided by Three Chairs Productions that, based on a true story, told the story of siblings who were removed from a tent and brought to A Kid’s Place.  This film will be linked to our website soon, and you’ll want to take a moment to watch it.
Make plans to attend next year’s luncheon – you won’t be disappointed!

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