Gone are the days when you could hoist a 19-pound camcorder onto your shoulder and insert a VHS videotape into it to film the action.  Everything is digital now, and we were able to experience all that went into making a video…a film, really…when Three Chairs Productions moved in for two days and filmed the signature piece that we debuted at our luncheon May 15th.  

It started with a tour of A Kid’s Place, so the group could understand what we’re all about.  They returned shortly with a script, which quickly morphed into a rough cut of WHERE they would film, WHO they would film, and HOW they would film.  Then they moved in!  Lights, reflectors, props, cameras, microphones, monitors, and a myriad of things we never really did figure out what they were for all became a part of A Kid’s Place as we followed directions and provided scenes for these talented people to film.
The result?  AMAZING!  Watch for this film to be on our website.  Three Chairs Productions – we can’t thank you enough for all you did to make this spectacular piece for us.  

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