Sibling Togetherness


Valentines Day is the day we celebrate love. Pink and red hearts can be seen everywhere you turn. Couples go on dates, we gift each other with flowers, candies, love notes, and other gifts. Often times the emphasis is on romantic love but we would like to highlight SIBLING LOVE. The togetherness and bond of siblings is uniquely special. They share love unselfishly and support, protect, and comfort each other.

Six year old Zion wrapped up a portion of his snack and put it in his pocket, “I’m saving this for my brother, he went to the doctor.” Ms. Alice assured Zion that there was plenty of snacks and food for his brother once he returned and Zion could enjoy his entire snack.

What do you want for Christmas? We asked 17 year old Ethan. Without hesitation he said “I don’t really celebrate Christmas for me, I just focus on my sisters and make sure they have gifts.”

Who inspires you? “My brother, he keeps me safe”. Amanda 9

At A Kid’s Place, it is very common to see our kid’s love on their siblings not only in words but in actions as well. They will sacrifice and go without to make sure their brother/sister is cared for. They remain strong during difficult situations to be the support and comfort their younger siblings need, and so much more.

We are proud of all of our kids and the subtle lessons they teach us on how to better love one another. We thank you all for your role in helping us keep brothers and sisters together in foster care. Your love and support allows us to pour that same love and support into providing a home for them to heal.

“When older sibs step in to help raise younger ones, the dual role of contemporary and caretaker can lay the foundation for an indestructible closeness later on.” Jeffrey Kluger


Happy Valentine’s Day

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