Rob Refsnyder, second baseman with the New York Yankees, has a heart for foster children.  In September, Yankee teammates join together to raise funds for causes they hold dear to their hearts, and for Rob that means foster children.  Rob was adopted from Korea when he was three months old; his last name doesn’t sound Korean, and his parents, with their fair skin and blonde hair don’t look like him, but he forgets that until someone reminds him.  That’s because this family is all he has ever known…and it’s all he has ever wanted.

“Overachieve” is the sentiment on Rob’s T-shirts, for sale on the Athletes Brand website ( where a portion of the sales will benefit A Kid’s Place.  If you have children of your own, you probably remember encouraging them every step along the way.  From the first cheer that the baby has taken a breath on his own or opened his eyes for the first time, to encouraging along the sidelines of a soccer game or applauding at an orchestra concert our children are products of our support and encouragement.  We want them to achieve their goals and their dreams…in fact, we set them up to be overachievers.   Do foster children get the same benefit?  Not usually.
For most children in foster care, achieving a dream is simply that…a dream.  Survival comes before that.  Coping.  Making do.  Rob wants foster children to know that they can achieve their dreams and goals, and with the support of the New York Yankees and an adopted second basemen with a heart for children, they are one step closer.
Check out the Athletes Brand web site and order a T-shirt in support of the children at A Kid’s Place.  Your purchase of this clothing line lets Rob and others like him know that we believe in what they’re dong for foster children.  Rob believes we can make a difference…that foster children can achieve their goals and their dreams.  He is living proof of this.  Overachieve.

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