Ahoy Matey!

For the past 7 years, Pirates set sail at A Kid’s Place for one of our largest and most
anticipated events. Lisa Esposito and her amazing crew take over A Kid’s Place and
invite our little lads to embark on a fun and exciting journey. Pirate Plunder is never
anything short of amazing and each year it grows bigger and better. Our children enjoy a
hardy meal, fill up on map and treasure shaped cookies, pet animals at the petting zoo,
play games, collect tons of prizes, dance to upbeat tunes, and so much more.

This year we were disheartened to think that we might have to cancel Pirate Plunder due to
COVID 19, especially after all of our onsite events were cancelled. In addition to our kids
staying “safe at home” for over 6 months. But Lisa found a way to make it possible and
introduced the 2020 Splish Slash Bash to comply with CDC regulations and allow our children
a day of play. Everything from sweet treats, props, personalized gifts, bouncy houses,
and everything we needed was delivered to A Kid’s Place. Mary Dozier coordinated with staff
to supervise while house parent Norm Cookson spun the tunes.

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to Lisa, her husband Scott, and all the
people who made this possible. We are thankful for your hard work, dedication, and
support to bring light and joy to our children. Yo ho ho ho!

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