You just can’t find fault with a month of summer camp fun!  With gracious thanks to our awesome community support partners who helped make camp so fabulous, we remain committed to providing this annual event for the children at A Kid’s Place.  This year we not only had 40 teen volunteers earning their Bright Futures hours, but we had all sorts of community volunteers working together to make it a camp to remember.  

What A Kid’s Place is able to achieve with the help of our community changes lives.  For children who might not have ever attended a summer camp program…woven a potholder, created soap sculptures or baked nachos in a solar oven, this is the stuff memories are made of!  Five year old Jaxon was up at the crack of dawn each morning, his tie-dyed camp shirt proudly in place as he paced in front of the door waiting for the camp counselor to come pick him up.  He gave each camp station his all; water play, science, crafts, community speakers.  He barely sat still as he participated in everything offered to him.  And when camp was over…he crashed!  Jaxon fell sound asleep with “the babies” (as he referred to them) and enjoyed a sound nap every afternoon, exhausted from the day’s activities.  What better way to wear yourself out?!
We couldn’t do this without the help of our community volunteers; to all those who helped prepare and serve lunch, assist in a camp station, or provide funding to make it all possible, we thank you.  Our kids showed their thanks in their smiles…in the pride of a plaster-of-Paris handprint…in their exhausted sound sleeps each night.  Camp memories hold dear to many adults, and we have made sure that the children at A Kid’s Place have the same opportunity.  
A special thanks must also go to Ms. Alice, our amazing camp director.  With military precision and organization that would put government security to shame, she plans a camp each year that makes prior years pale in comparison.  Ms Alice…you outdid yourself this year!

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